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Pieces from few writing challenges -----

The Mermaid's Charm
Eyes shut lightly, hands gliding along silky sheets of ocean, I stand hip-deep in calm waters. The smell and taste of salt-water has never been as sweet as it is right now -- slowing my heart to a soft, steady rap. The crisp, clean rush of low tide is all I hear as the towns terror sinks into a dead silence. The bodies of the weak and careless have been dragged into Mother Earth’s mouth today, but I have been spared. As if to say “sorry for the scare”, her fluid mass sends a million tiny fish to kiss my feet and God’s warmth envelopes my torso. Then suddenly, a drumming rises behind me and I’m snapped back into reality.

“Sarah! Sarah, are you okay? Answer me!”

My mother’s screams send me into a daze. Have I just been saved or miraculously survived a terrible event? How many have survived? And how long has my mother been screaming? Back and forth, her word’s echo and questions, seemingly without answers, boggle my mind.

“Sarah! Get out of the water now before you catch your death,” my mother’s flooded voice continues.

I turn around and to my surprise her face is damp and scorching red. Has she been crying? Does she really care enough to cry for me or is that anger swelling to the surface?

“Mom, I’m fine. It’s gone,” I whisper in the most soothing tone I can manage, “are you okay?"

Her eyes well up with, what is that?... Adoration? Is she choking back a sob? Then, she replies calmly, “Yes sweetie,” and gently leads me away from the shallow waters. I can’t help but feel guilty for causing her to worry. 

Just moments ago I had been trudging towards the crashing waves, not concerning myself with things like the strong ocean current. My focus pulled toward this shiny glow at the bottom of it all. A little glimmer of a stone had shone through the curtains of sea and for some odd reason, I just couldn’t let it slip away. It had to be mine! That precious little stone, all mine, forever and ever.What had come over me? Was it the challenge or the jewel itself I sought after?

I’m not sure, but whatever it was I couldn't escape it. It was calling me! Blistering winds had pummeled my face stinging my eyes with droplets of salty spray, whipping clusters of my tangled hair into a blinding mess, but I just dove into those harsh seawaters grabbing for the mysterious rock as if my life depended on it. My knees had skidded against some jagged objects followed by my head knocking roughly into… something, then everything went a bit hazy. 

Next thing I knew I was emerging from the sea gasping for precious air, somehow still clinging to the gemstone (now, more appropriately termed an amulet from the looks of it). Even stranger than that, there was this ringing… no, this singing like the low hum of a mermaid’s tune vibrating off of it. The peculiar noise only made me wonder more why did I jump into deadly waters for this? 

Kitsune's Charm
They'll be here any moment, but where? I perch from a the rotting branch of a fir tree high above the forest floor, ears perked up, fur shuffling in the cool breeze. A thick fog is slowly rising not too far off in the horizon. My best bet now is to take cover until my wounds heal or at least until I get a little more rest.

I swing myself down through the sparse branches making sure to keep quiet in case my little friends are closer than I thought they were. Then, I dig myself a little burrow among the brush slipping my feet in first so I can keep watch for anything suspicious. It isn't exactly an ideal place to sleep but it is fine for now -- if I sleep at all.

After keeping watch for what seems like an hour, I cover the spot I had been peaking out of from my hidey hole, and lay my head down onto a pillow of muck and mud. I shuffle and shake slightly trying to get comfortable. I even try counting mice. Still, sleep won't come. All I can think about is the Terysi finding me and ripping the charm from my neck.

Finally, after finding just the right spot, I drift off into a light insufficient sleep only to be woken by some loud, obnoxious campers on their way to a picnic. my stomach rumbles. I've been running on empty for 2 days. Sweet food, oh how I miss you. My mind collapses at the faint aroma of salami in the distance. I must have food! So I sneak out of my hiding place hoping I can snag a nibble from whatever tasty treats these people have.

Tracking down the picnic party was a piece of cake. The scent was coming in far too strong to miss it's trail. Mouth watering from the savory smells, heart racing from the excitement, I jolt past branch after branch until I reach my destination. All of a sudden, There it is. My next meal is laid out like an all-I-can-eat buffet with nothing to stop me, except maybe that it is in the midst of a grand clearing.What am I saying? I haven't eaten in days! I will gladly take my chances with being seen over going hungry. So, I step out hoping the fog will conceal me a bit.

I dash from my spot and across the bare expanse to the table of meat goodies. There are 3 huge cake tins full of assorted marinated meats, a bucket of fresh buttered corn, and a bowl of mashed potatoes that could feed a family of 4 for a week. I was in heaven, till I heard the scream. I swivel around and see a woman screeching for her boyfriend.

"Troy! Help! There's something eating the food!"

I grab a tin and a handful of mashed potatoes, then make a run for it. There is no way I'm leaving without food. All I hear as I'm making my way through the forest is the crowds commotion in the distance and the sound of my own heartbeat drumming in my ear. There's no doubt that that was a close one.

My feet keep moving though I'm sure I'm long gone and out of nowhere comes this web of string. All at once, I'm lifted off my feet, food thrown from my grasp, and all I can think of is the Terysi. They want my charm! I have to get out of here! Food is flying everywhere as I attempt to wiggle myself out but it's no use. I'm barely 8 feet off the ground and any attention I call to myself could bring more unwanted uproar. I decide I might as well eat my food while I think up an escape plan. Then I'll be full and have my freedom.

I toss the lump of potatoes into my mouth and it fills me with both warmth and joy. This food is the best I've ever had! I use my tongue like a napkin, licking every itsy bitsy bit of potato off my paw, then I'm on to the meat. What a pleasant surprise! Most of it is still in the tin somehow. I shove my face into the container and devour every single piece, licking up a bit of the juice when I'm finished.That was so... It made me so... I feel so... sleepy. Guess all I needed in order to sleep was food. I go to lay down but stop myself when I come to.

Wait, no! I can't sleep here! I have to get out before the Terysi finds me! I tug myself from side to side, swinging the net up to the base of the branch it's tied to, but when I try to grab it, it slips right out of my hand. I make another attempt but it's as if the tree has been liquified. At this point, I'm freaking out, but my body is betraying me. It was a trap! What was in that food? The Terysi is coming for me! I try to scream but my mouth doesn't move. I start to black out, time lapsing right before my eyes. One moment I'm swinging, the next I'm still and twisted in the string. The last thing I see before I fall asleep permanently is a strangely well-kept woman in business clothes picking me up. 

Dear Amanda
Dear Amanda,

The smell of pine and rotting wood,
A mist on the edge of the plain,
From the desolate cave where I stood,
I shouted in fury and pain,

“Why oh why me,” I whimpered and pouted,
“Whatsoever did I do”
I flamed and I flurried; I was certain but doubted
I behaved so terribly to you.

I gave you flowers on Valentine’s Day,
Like any good lover would have,
I said I loved you in every possible way,
Now I realize, I couldn’t have,

Still, I’m here abandoned and cold,
Surely you had a reason,
To kidnap me, so brave and bold,
Then leave me stranded in such a season,

I understood when I broke your heart,
That there would be some agitation, 
Be that as it may, you’ve gone too far,
And I demand an explanation,

It’s not the fog, the wind, the cold, nary
The birds or the trees,
I just don’t think it was necessary, 
For you to ditch me out here in my skivvies. 

I mean, how could you? Why would you?
Who would even dare,
To drug their ex and ship them off to…
God, I don’t even know where.

You’ve proved, I was wise to not date you any longer,
I was wise in dropping you cold turkey,
I just wish I’d made this decision much sooner,
Before I found out you were crazy,

So honey if you wanted revenge or release,
I’m not sorry that you wont get it!
Cause, well, I’m dragging myself down to the police,
Where I’m gonna make you regret this!

So while you’re in jail, wallowing away,
Soaked in your own self-pity,
I’ll be with friends, laughing about today,
Enjoying life’s blissful luxuries,

Your soulless ex, 

P.S. Have a great time, and
don’t get stabbed or anything. 

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