Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the Darkest Powers Trilogy by Kelley Armstrong

** Spoiler Alert **
     It's not exactly the most bone-breakingly controversial book (unless you count the strange powers everyone has); however, it shows a corrupt system that defines life and death which always gets my blood flowing a bit. Every page leaves a new question, questions that can't be answered till much further in the story. The intensity in which this book amazed me was astounding.  Armstrong added great back-story parts to support each conclusion and racked up the suspense with every word.

      In the beginning, you already expect there's something terribly wrong (or terribly fascinating) about this little teenage girl. Armstrong hints at the importance of a nightmare/memory and a vision that goes haywire. Then, it escalates into more, and the next thing you know Chloe is being taken away on a gurney. But that's not even half of it. Soon, Chloe faces a much more intense realization that she isn't insane; she's actually seeing ghosts and the people trying to convince her she's mentally ill are the scientists that developed her powers. Not only that, other people in the institution are also very powerful creatures!

     Armstrong takes us on an amazing adventure as Chloe escapes, is recaptured, and attempts to escape again. Along the way, she gets tussled, tattered, slices an arm open, falls in love, ruins then revamps a friendship or two, and learns not to trust a single soul. Will she make it out alive?

     I honestly couldn't put this book down. Every chapter something new and exciting is revealed, but it's not just random. Armstrong has a back story showing how every turn of event links to the truth of the situation. As an author, she has astounding foreshadowing skills. They coincide perfectly with her beautiful talent in imagery. I nearly died every time I read about Derek transforming or about Chloe rising bodies! The way Armstrong portrays these events is just simply breathtaking. If you've read it, you understand. If you haven't, then you will. 

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