Monday, August 6, 2012

     Welcome one and all to my new blog. Yes, I have others but A Cup of Depression wasn't working out for me as much as I had liked. It lost it's main topic (to cure or at least lighten the effects of depression). I also had Day-by-Day  but I couldn't even think of a topic for it... so this time, I present to you my new blog, Cannibal Cutie

     The topic I'm hoping to pursue is......
 controversy attracts an audience    

hence the name "Cannibal Cutie"; obviously, I am not a real cannibal nor do I wish to be one. Cannibalism, though an interesting topic, is a very real and highly terrifying thing in my eyes -- not just to endure from being eaten but even for the cannibal. I imagine some feel much guilt but...

     I have noticed a rise in Cannibalism throughout media these days: the news spouts horrific stories, my best friend is listening to "Cannibal Corpse", KE$HA is singing about being a cannibal in a sexual manner, and the uproar of the zombie apocalypse is obviously just a fear of a cannibal cult with gang green. ^_^

     Anyhow, back on topic for a bit, I will be updating this blog very often with new, trendy, and seemingly controversial books, films, fashions, memes, debates, anything I can get my hands on. Expect some random topics too (like writing tips, none sense about a sweet guy or new friend I meet, things I find cute, or rants about annoying people that I sometimes think deserve to be devoured)
P.S. I love Zombies and wish I had the patience to write about a teenage cannibal suffering through high school, scared to kiss a boy/girl in fear that she'll eat his/her face off.

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